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Monday, May 02, 2005

Friday it is then...

Back to boring work!
Why wasn't I born into a rich family where I would be served on hands and foot? (or is it feet?)
Sooooo... to make a short story short, today J came up with the mail. (nothing new it's his job after all). But the funny bit was that he stopped to chat with me. I tried to act cool, but being the centre of attraction whilst the other female collegues just gawked at him, made me a bit heady. Anyways!
1) He asked me what any ideas I have got for him to buy L as a birthday present. (Next Friday it's her birthday, which I nearly quite forgotten!) I suggested maybe a nice small soft toy and around his neck a silver necklace?
2) He asked me to go out with them to eat in this restaurant that he has already booked. I was about to refuse but then he told me that he has got a friend and wishes to meet me! MEET ME??!! he must be crazy but I did not say so :)
So now we settled for this dinner for next Friday! I still have to buy L her present and I know just what to buy her. She's hooked on Joanne Harris (yep the one that wrote Chocolait) and so probably I will buy her two or three books from this author! Nice eh? :)
Homefront is quite the same. S is studying really hard whilst E... well she is another story...

Sunday, May 01, 2005

a new month!

And of course it is a public holiday! Hurray for being a worker (as it is worker's day), but BOOOOOO for being on a Sunday! Just my luck!!!!!
First thing I did was to go to the Monti in Rabat! The sun was shinning bright that it gave me a headache! Bought two new handbags, sunglasses, multi coloured scarf and a belt!
Then I went to my sister's husband's mother, for she invited all of my family to eat at her house.
This kunjata of my sister's has only two sons. The eldest is married to my sister whilst the other has emigrated to Canada! So, sometimes she just wishes to cook for a whole breed of hungry persons! And she is the finest Maltese cook on the island!
Just to make you people out there jealous we ate : lasagna, roast pork with those crunchy potatoes, peas, carrots (already could not move at this point), then strawberry gateau she makes (mmmaaa soooo sinful), then some peanuts and nuts and then... (so full at this point that all my body is aching), coffee and some alcohol to make your stomach back to its full glory (as if!). This made me think. Are we (the Maltese race) such food lovers? With this 'ikla' we could have fed a whole army from Africa! Anyways...
Imagine, was too bulged out to do anything else so I slept and slept and slept. Just woke up to write in this blog and going back to sleep! :P
But on the whole enjoyed myself...
Ah! Before I forgot, L phoned me to tell me she found me another perfect blind date! Jeez...
And for the moment, the phone calls on my mobile just stopped! Thank God!

Saturday, April 30, 2005

just as well...

Just as well I am not going out. Weather is horrible... and I know he won't be there.
Just as well....

Of all the things you said and done,
you might not be the only one
I cared for you from the beginning
But you made me go over my limits
I hate to think it was not you
To make me sigh and dream the truth
Of all the roads ahead
I just chose the bad one,

my poetry muse :( feeling very edgy

Friday, April 29, 2005

What a shame :(

Could not wait all day to just leave and be in the pub.
Imagined all day what to wear, what type of make-up to put on, what kind of accessories I had to match my handbag / shoes...
I even had a bath! It has been ages since my last bath. (For all of you out there who are thinking about how much my smell is, let me tell you something:- I shower everyday thank you very much!!!)
I did not even stop by and play with little niece. Just rushed out of the house and just went to the pub.
he was not there! His friend was, though, and he informed me that A is not feeling very well. Infact got flu or something. A kind of virus in the air that is attacking everyone...
I wanted to share this virus with him, but ended sharing some drinks with his friend, instead. We really got on together and though he was nice I tried to keep him at arm's length!
What a shame! Another weekend up in fumes....

Thursday, April 28, 2005

too excited!!!!

Too excited for this weekend!
I really hope he will be there!
My home and work lives are miserable so I need a light in this tunnel of darkness! :(
Please, please, please God!
Hear my plea and let him be there...
I promise I will be a good girl and stop smoking entirely, and will go to mass every sunday...
Just make him come....

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

what the heck....????

Lately I been having a lot of strange mobile phones. The number is still the same - private number - and all I hear is strange noises from the other end.
Am I being stalked or something? Would really wish to place a name to this person, for it is really scary, plus I know that all my friends would never do such a thing. I thought about the twins, but as naughty as they might be, I still can not immagine them to play such a trick!
Then I thought that T (my blind date) would have something to do with it. However, I never ever gave him my mobile phone. And L promised me that she did not, whilst I know for sure that J does not know it!
Then my mind wandered on A. Maybe he is too shy to speak to me on the phone. Once I said his name but the voice who said, "No! It's not him!" was not him for sure. A does not have a squeeky voice!
If this continues, I have to go to the police or something...
I am still eager to see A this weekend...
Will he be there? Who knows?
Will he remember me? Who knows?
Will he ask me out? Who knows?
What i know for certain is my little twin sisters decided that this weekend they are coming with me again!!!???
*sigh* *sigh* *sigh*

Monday, April 25, 2005

what a weekend!

Here I am finally! In my blessed home with all of its bad karma. But still! Here I am and pleased about it!
The weekend turned out beautifully - weather speaking. On Saturday I woke up early and packed some things to take with me. J & L came to pick me up and we went to Selmun. Great place, quiet... very, very quiet!
Though the scenary is indescribable! All the greenery... Birds singing (those that are still not hunted by the Kaccaturi)! The sea in the darkest shade of blue...
And then there was J's cousin. Could not see any resemblance. Where J is cute, T (his name) is not that handsome but has a great sense of humour that I and I repeat I made him forget about it.
To cut a long story short, we shook hands. There were two camps, one for us ladies the other for the men. We did a bbq in the evening, but the food did not cook right, 'cos no one of us is a chef expert. Sunday morning we went for a long walk and then it was when it hit me!!!! I was in the wilderness and no sanitary facilities! I wanted to die... But instead killed them! :(
The mosquitos, the flies, everything sticking to you, no fresh water... Could go on for ages! I made their life miserable, including mine as well...
So when it was scheduled that we go home on Sunday late in the evening, I was home early in the afternoon!
Guess so long for my intended blind date, though J really laughed about all these hassles.
To give L time to forget all about it and to feel the cosiness of my soft mattress again, today I took it leave! :)
No more camping for me. The twins were right on this, bless their heart!